Water is essential to living, but great water can help spur creativity and productivity among your staff. If you want to keep your staff well-hydrated, there are a few ways to improve your water without changing buildings.

Here are some ways you can improve the water in your office without rehauling your building.

Call a plumber

If your water isn’t tasting right, you might need to call for outside help. The bad taste of your water might be because of deteriorating pipes or a leak in the system.

Your commercial plumber will be able to perform a water audit to identify the source of the problem. For example, if your water has a metallic taste, there are likely higher levels of trace minerals in your water supply. This might be because of your pipes but it can simply be a result of your office’s location. Get your water tested to ensure it’s safe for drinking.

Get a water filter or two

One of the best ways to improve office hydration is utilizing a water filter either on the tap itself or through a water jug, such as a Water Tech Drinking Water System. Filters help to remove trace minerals and toxins from your water for a better taste and softer feel. If your employees complain about rough hands throughout the year, it might be because of high levels of minerals in your water system.

Get water flavor enhancers

Minerals in your water are rarely harmful but some might be deterred from drinking from the tap. Encourage more water consumption at work by offering flavored water enhancers. This could be buying powdered flavor additives, but you can also buy a few lemons to keep in the breakroom. You never know what fun recipes your employees can come up with.

Opt for reverse osmosis

People have been using commercial reverse osmosis water systems since the 1970s. It’s a great way to purify your office’s water without jumping through hoops to install a new system. In fact, your average commercial reverse osmosis water system is used in the medical field, the industrial sector, and even in your home.

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