Even Texans know the chill of winter, even if we don’t usually get snow. But the winter season — and all the holidays associated with it — can drive up your monthly bills to unforeseen heights.

When you prepare to brave the chill of winter, follow these tips to keep your money in your pocket.

Ditch the holiday lights

Or at least switch to LED lights. Old holiday lights don’t use their energy efficiently. In fact, most of the energy is produced in the form of heat, which can also create fire hazards among the other decorations.

If you can’t resist the allure of classic winter lights, try to turn them off when you’re not in the home or at night. Countless people love to dazzle onlookers throughout the night, but it could be driving up your electric costs.

Get the proper insulation for your home

Older homes often lack the proper insulation to keep heat within your home during the winter and the cool air during the summer. Without insulation, air escapes through cracks, leaks, or through walls that aren’t equipped to maintain a consistent temperature.

Gaining the proper residential attic insulation for your home can save you between 10 and 50% on your heating and cooling bills. Your HVAC system will work more efficiently and your family will stay more comfortable throughout the changes in season. This type of investment will pay you back year after year.

Maintain and repair your HVAC system

No Texan can survive the summer heat without a proper air conditioner, but a great residential HVAC system will support your household regardless of the season. As such, it’s important to maintain and repair your HVAC system at the first sign of a problem. This could include upgrading equipment, cleaning your ducts, and getting a smart thermostat. Debris and leaks in your ductwork can lead to a misdirection in the heat, which can cause further damage to your system and raise your monthly bills.

You should also lower your thermostat every time you leave the house for the best in energy efficiency.

When cold weather hits, you need reliable support. For the best electrical and HVAC contracting throughout Texas, call or visit The Bosworth Company today.