It’s natural for your employees to hit a slump in their work every once in a while. But if you’ve noticed a significant decrease in the productivity levels of your office, it might not be their fault.

It might be the external factors in the office. Before you start implementing culture strategies to improve your office’s productivity, try these physical ways to create a better working environment.


Let go of negative energy

Your office should consist of team players. When there’s a rotten apple in the bunch, it can affect the morale and productivity of everyone around them. People might start to dread coming into work when they know they’ll enter a negative space. Be sure you hire the right people for the job and don’t be afraid to let go of toxic employees.


Improve the lighting

Great lighting leads to great attitudes. Bad forms of lighting, however, can affect your employees in negatives ways. If your office utilizes harsh fluorescent lighting, it might result in eyestrain and headaches. Dim lighting can create feelings of fatigue and lower productivity levels. Your best bet is to utilize natural light whenever you can and improve the artificial lighting in your office with the help of a great electrical contractor.

It’s recommended the electrical system in your home or office is inspected every three to five years. Once you’ve consulted with an electrician, focus on procuring better lamps with warmer, brighter lights to reduce fatigue.


Regulate the temperature

Uncomfortable temperatures can have a negative effect on the productivity of your employees. If you notice dips during the hot summer months, it might be because your commercial air conditioning system isn’t working properly. Additionally, chilled employees in the winter might suggest problems with your HVAC system.

If your commercial air conditioning system is an older model, it might not work as efficiently as newer air conditioners. Hire a great mechanical contractor to look at your commercial air conditioning system and other ductwork to ensure the temperature of your office is being moderated properly.


When you want to improve the physical space of your office, your best bet is calling the Bosworth Company in Midland. While we can’t help you hire new employees, we’ll work hard to improve your water systems, HVAC, and electricity to create a welcoming work environment. We’re worth the call. Always.