Did you know 85% of homes have hard water? This means that your water supply is rife with calcium and magnesium. While these aren’t bad for your health, it can make drinking water from the tap a less than pleasant experience.


If you want to improve your faucet’s water quality, here are some easy tips to getting the best drinking water, right from the tap.


Install a residential reverse osmosis system

Don’t let the fancy language fool you; reverse osmosis has been used since the 70s to purify drinking water for medical, industrial, and even domestic purposes. While it seems high-tech, residential reverse osmosis is a simple system designed to give you the best water for the least amount of effort.


When your plumber installs your residential reverse osmosis system, you’re getting purified water thanks to a thin, semi-permeable membrane that filters your water. This membrane can remove fluoride, lead, pesticides, chlorine, detergent, nitrates, and sulfates. Enjoy your drinking water.


Get an on-tap filter

If you don’t opt for a residential reverse osmosis system, you can always use a tried-and-true tap filter. This filter connects right to your faucet to filter water as you run it through your tap. Many of these filters utilize activated carbon to remove certain contaminants.


Call a plumber

Your poor water quality might be a result of degrading pipes, poor connections, or point-source pollution. Your residential plumber will work hard to ensure everything in your house is working at peak performance. When you want to improve the water quality of your home, your local plumbing company will offer you the best method to get the cleanest water for you and your family. Until you get the best filtration system for your home, you can always boil your water to help distill it. By condensing the steam through a distillation unit, you’ll get clean water that’s free of any solid particles.


When you want to improve your home’s drinking water, call the plumbing company you can trust. With The Bosworth Company, you never need to worry about your Texas water. Even though contaminants are present in most water supplies, when you utilize a residential or commercial reverse osmosis water system, you’re ensuring your home stays safe and healthy regardless of where your water comes from. With The Bosworth Company, you’re free to turn on the tap. It’s worth the call. Always.