Purchasing a new air conditioner can be a costly investment, but when you compare the newer models to the old ones, the choice is obvious: new air conditioners are the way to go. Before you hire a mechanical contractor to perform the best in commercial air conditioning for your business, here are the differences between older and newer models of air conditioners.

Older units

Your older air conditioner may be running to the best of its ability, but it doesn’t mean it’s doing it efficiently. There are three major complaints regarding older air conditioners that you might be experiencing in your business: noise, energy use, and coolants.

Older models are designed to cool your commercial space, but they aren’t guaranteed to do it quietly. If you catch yourself wanting to muffle the sound of your air conditioner, it’s time to get a new one.

Your commercial HVAC system also isn’t doing your wallet any favors. HVAC systems make up between 40 and 60% of your business’ total energy consumption and if your unit isn’t working efficiently, it’s going to cost you more out of pocket. Additionally, you may find yourself constantly working to upgrade your unit and make the necessary repairs to keep it running. You’re actually sinking more money into repairs than it would be to buy a new unit.

Your unit may also be relying on outdated coolants in order to keep your space cool. The only acceptable coolant nowadays is the R410A, which doesn’t contain chlorine that damages our environment. If your unit uses an older coolant, you need to kick it to the curb.

New units

New units are better all around. Not only are they up to 20% quieter than older models, they use energy more efficiently which puts money back into your pocket. An old unit may waste $100 more in electricity than a newer model of the same caliber. Combined with the new coolants that don’t damage the ozone, that makes them more eco-friendly than their older counterparts.

New units are also often equipped with energy-saving adjustable thermostats. When no one is in the office you can lower the temperature and save even more money which you can use to upgrade other aspects of your business. Luckily, the Bosworth Company works as a mechanical contractor: we also offer electrical contracting services and commercial plumbing.

The choice is obvious: when you want the best commercial air conditioner, you need to opt for a newer model. Not only will this save you money, your carbon footprint will be smaller and your system will work better. When you need the best mechanical contractors, call or visit the Bosworth Company at bosworthco.com today. It’s worth the call. Always.