As a new homeowner, you’re going to deal with new problems when it comes to maintaining and repairing your home. In some cases, you might be posed with a problem you didn’t even know existed and you’ll need to call for backup. Luckily, reliable electrical companies can save your home in the face of imminent disaster. Here are some of the major reasons that might make you call an electrical contractor.


Your HVAC system isn’t working properly

If your HVAC system keeps going out, it could be costing you extra money you simply do not have. Whether it’s because of an old HVAC system or because your home’s electrical system isn’t working well enough to support the load of your HVAC, be sure to call a reliable electrical contractor and HVAC repair technician; this is the only way to ensure you’re getting an accurate diagnosis. The problem might be as small as a loose wire, but if a wire is frayed or miswired, it can cause electrical failures or even fires.


If your HVAC system is over 10 years old, it might be time to replace it. Air conditioners made in 2018 use 50% less energy than air conditioners made in the 1990s.


Your energy bill spikes

While it’s common for electric bills to increase in the summer — after all, running your HVAC unit all day isn’t cheap — you should never have a serious increase in the cost of your monthly bill. This could mean that your home’s circuit-breaker is tripping and is unable to handle the current your home is putting on the breaker.


If your major appliances are turning off and on again throughout the day, it’s time to call an electrical contracting company. To know if this is happening in your home, look for items that utilize a digital time display that requires manual resetting: if your coffee maker or stove are displaying the wrong time or are flashing, this could mean you had a power outage during the day.


Your outlets don’t have three holes

Three holes in an outlet mean that your electricity is grounded. With a two-pronged hole, you lack the safety associated with modern advancements in electrical engineering. Taking the time to call an electrical contracting service is essential to ensuring the safety of your family.

Seemingly small problems can lead to disastrous consequences. For the best electrical contracting advice, give us a call today. Worth the Call. Always.