When building or remodeling a home or work space, the focus is on the details. One important detail to consider is lighting design. So much planning goes into what type of floor covering will be best, what color to paint the walls; but even if these items are done well, if the lighting design is done poorly, they won’t reach their full potential. Before you begin the process of upgrading your space, consider these three reasons why lighting design matters.

1. Space aesthetics – How you choose to light any space is going to affect the way it appears. Depending on the size of the space and the color scheme, setting a lamp on a table and calling it good just isn’t enough. Neither is using a generic overhead light.


What makes any space aesthetically pleasing is contrast. In order to achieve this effect, choosing the right lighting fixtures for your space and the right placements for them are key.


For example, a space that is more rustic is best complemented with wood or aged metal lighting fixtures. These can also mimic the look of vintage style cage lights, creating a soft glow on the walls. Or, for a more modern look, consider using light fixtures that distinctly illuminate a room vertically or horizontally. Light bars placed strategically along the wall are an excellent way to create sharp contrasts between light and dark.


2. Improves mood – The lighting used in any space is going to have an effect on mood. Consider how it feels in large, busy spaces that are drowned out by bright overhead lighting. Schools and department stores are perfect examples. While it may come in handy in these specific spaces for the sake of visibility, it doesn’t do much for mood.


Natural lighting, on the other hand, has a way of boosting mood. It’s important to incorporate natural lighting into any lighting design plan for this very reason. When natural light is limited or not an option, utilize various lighting options, such as lamps for desks or localized and dimmable wall lights.


3. Increases productivity – Whether at home or at work, the right lighting design can actually have a positive impact on productivity. The combination of aesthetically-pleasing lighting and improved mood work well together to increase productivity.


Individuals with a space that is well lit for their needs will feel more motivated and inspired to get their work done. The right kind of lighting will also reduce glare yet improve visibility, making any job easier and less stressful to do.

Before you decide to make any changes to your space, remember that lighting design done right will set any space apart from the rest. For more information on lighting design, contact the experts at Bosworth Company. Worth The Call. Always.