Programming your thermostat can not only achieve a consistent temperature in your home, but it can also lead to utility savings, too! But how do you know what temperature is best for your home…especially with this wild West Texas weather? Don’t worry, The Bosworth Company is here to help!

Warmer Months (Spring, Summer)

Programming your thermostat to 78 degrees could save approximately six to eight percent off your home energy bill for every degree higher than 78 degrees to which you set your thermostat. This may be a little higher than you are used to, but will deliver the best results for saving on your energy bill. Remember to close blinds/curtains and to turn on your ceiling fans!

When you are away from your home, consider programming your thermostat to around 86. You won’t feel the heat when you aren’t home, so why not save money and energy?

Cooler Months (Fall, Winter)

In the fall and winter, keeping your thermostat at a steady 68 degrees Fahrenheit while will help save in energy costs.  Lowering that number 10 degrees while out of the house will help you see a reduction in energy usage by five to 15 percent.

Program Your Thermostat According To…

  • The most active part of your day (typically when getting ready in the morning)
  • Vacation time (why heat/cool an empty house?)
  • Bedtime

If you have more questions on programming your thermostat, we’d be happy to help! We also offer promotions on qualifying systems if you’re considering purchasing a new HVAC! Contact us or check out our Facebook page to learn more!